<font color="#DA1B22">A Murder Mystery Experience</font>

A Murder Mystery Experience

Check out the newest installment from The EXIT Rooms. Get a group of friends, family, or coworkers together and test your detective skills! Your group will receive an envelope containing confidential material pertaining to a murder. You will then enter a taped off crime scene and begin looking for clues to unlock the evidence files. You will have 60 minutes to narrow down the list of suspects and identify the killer or killers. This is great fun for all ages! Get a minimum group of 4 people together and come solve the crime! We will not match you with any other groups. The cost is $25 per person.

Two men entered the upstairs VIP Lounge of a local Mafia club to rob the joint. After all of the shots were fired, everyone in the room was killed, including one of the intruders. Everyone except for the man who escaped. Your job is to examine the crime scene to figure out which body in the room is the second shooter, and also identify the man who got away. Detectives are on the case, but the Mafia family would like to handle things their own way. They have secured an envelope containing top secret evidence, and have left this for you and your team. They have informed you of a 60 minute window when the premises will be unguarded by police. This is your time to find clues and examine the evidence in order to positively identify the killers.

Your team has been hired. You have 1 hour.