Now Available!

We are excited to present Buffalo's first and only MOBILE ESCAPE ROOMS! Now we can bring our escape experiences to you! We are available for your private party, school function, corporate event, or just a group of friends and family wanting to do an escape room or two right in your own driveway! Our pricing is even more affordable than the regular escape room rate! The standard price for an escape room in Western New York is $25 per person, so a group of 8 would cost $200. Our mobile rooms are only $150 an hour, and offer our best escape experiences yet! We have multiple options to accommodate groups and parties of all sizes.

The Ancient Ruins

Following in the footsteps of Indiana Jones and the Goonies, you are on a quest for the hidden treasure. You've come to the temple entrance of the Ancient Ruins, hidden deep within a jungle cavern. The series of secret clues and puzzles will lead you to the coveted golden idol. Can you work together to recover idol and make it out in time? Or will you be trapped inside like the other unfortunate souls that have gone before you?

The Fortune Teller

The gypsy fortune teller has placed a curse on you and your team. The only way to break it is to find her black crystal ball and remove it from her parlor. You must work together to unlock the mysteries that lie within the room and break the spell before it's too late.
Run out of time and the curse lasts for eternity!